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Obi J. Obialo
2 min readSep 21, 2022


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It’s been 4 months and some change, and here are my thoughts on being a full-time Software Engineer…

1. Being efficient will help/save you ALOT of time

I didn’t realize how slow I was moving through VSCode until I started pairing with my manager, witnessing how smooth and efficient he was when showing me the codebase. Every 15 seconds, I would pause him and ask, “and which command was that?” only to write it down so I would have it for later.

This doesn’t only pertain to the code editor of your choice…

If you have the means, I would recommend investing in an external monitor. Not only for easily being able to see your development browser while coding but the stress of “Command + Tab” you put on your thumb and ring finger, 😂.

2. The Internet is your best friend…

I know you hear it all the time, but the internet is truly a Software Engineer’s best friend…

I am a little over 4 months on the job and still to this day, I come across lines and/or technologies I have seen every day, that I still need a refresher on.

My next steps: Copy the code, “Command + T”, and “Command + V” into my web browser.

Look up everything you do not know!

3. It takes time…

Slow is fast and fast is slow…

Take pride in small victories. Being a Software Engineer is not easy.

Everyone’s journey is not the same. (Shout-out to my manager for telling me this)

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else. The only person worth comparing yourself to, is yourself!

Take every day, one day at a time, and build off of that. By the time you know it, the progress you’ve made will be exponential.

4. Lastly, you get in what you put out…

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

You get out what you put in.

Sometimes the only way through, is to put your head down, and GRIND!



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